Mission's Door

God calls us to be doers of His Word and not hearers only.

Endurance Ministries seeks to take active steps in Gospel ministry.
There are many ways in which to express loving care in relationship to
the  Great Commission  our Savior gave us.  One expression of this is
to meet some of the physical needs in the communities in which we live.

In this light, one of our many active  MISSION  efforts is a  DOOR
seeking to meet physical needs while continuing to highlight eternal
needs (e.g., Gospel proclamation). 

In the UpRiver Community in Benewah County, Idaho, we prepared 
and served free community meals to some who greatly benefited from 
this service (both physically and spiritually).

For more information as to other ways we are taking active steps
in ministry through these end-time Bible themes, please contact our
ministry director at  emfielddirector@gmail.com

The name we are giving these outreach efforts is "Mission's Door."  It
is sponsored by Endurance Ministries and the Christian communities
residing in the areas we're active.  Last year (2015), Emida Community
Church and Fernwood Community Bible Church (now called UpRiver
Bible Church) helped provide these Christ-centered meals to three
communities we initially served - those which comprise the UpRiver
community.   "THANK YOU dear Church!"

Thank you for your interest in present end-time efforts toward Good
News proclamation and growth unto further Christ-likeness.  And, in
relationship to the efforts outlined above, consider this a simple but
sincere  Mission's Door  unto His glory and praise!  In this context,
please PRAY for this God-honoring Kingdom effort.  THX 

If you would like to have us come and serve your community, please
contact us!  We are more than willing to minister on Christ's behalf.