Greetings in Jesus Christ’s holy name.  Thank you for visiting us today.  And what a day it is … one to be living for the soon-coming Lord of lords!

Endurance Ministries  exists for clear  purpose :  To honor and glorify our Creator God.  End-Time  THEMES  highlighted in Scripture are the main
focus on this site although biblical end-time  chronology  is also important and thus the reason why we also address this concern on other sites.  We
do so due to many popular (but incorrect!) end-time chronological proposals within the church today. (visit  www.endmin.com  for awesome insight)  

On  this  site, both  current  cultural affairs and  soon-to-take-place  scenarios are highlighted.  The foundational THEME – based on our epistemic
foundation (God’s holy Word) – is “endurance” through these difficult times.  “The one who endures to the end will be saved” is Counsel from the Lord
of lords, Jesus Christ; Son of God; Savior and we take this Truth seriously.  In light of these germane-to-present-culture topics, here are a few chapters
we are highlighting on this informational site:  

Present Concerns  &  Future STORIES

 “Endurance” Passages

Final Trumpet Rapture Matters

So let’s take a look at some  Present Concerns  …